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Pre-1972 Remastered Recordings Not Pre-1972 Recordings Anymore?


Here is something that caught my eye this morning in the print edition of ProSound magazine. I went to the net and found this - From Law360"Song owners who filed class action litigation against CBS over so-called pre-1972 recordings are heading to the Ninth Circuit to challenge a novel ruling last month that “remastered” versions of old tracks played over the airwaves aren't even pre-1972 songs in the first place."

Welcome To The 21st Century Music Blog!


 Welcome to the 21st Century Music Blog! My name is Daren Burns, I am an active bassist/guitarist, composer, and educator. I have been a professional musician since I was about 18 playing in many types of professional situations. I am also a music educator and have been teaching privately and in institutions for about 20 years now. In this music blog I'll be ....

Top 5 Reasons Music Technology Is Important To The 21st Century Classroom


Hello and welcome to the 21st Century Music Blog. In this post I want to lay out the five main reasons I think music technology is important to music education and should be included as part of a schools music curriculum. This is my response and an affirmation to an article in The Guardian and written by Tess Reidy entitled, "Can electronic music revolutionise school music lessons?"


Music and technology have always gone together....

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